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19,036 days after his graduation from St John's School


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 From out of the past comes to you this Building planted in Ossining, New York, near Sing Sing Prison overlooking the Hudson River. It is St John's Military Academy or better known as "St John's School".

Between the years of our Lord 1941 and 1946, a group of men attended this here Academy and had a wonderful experience, learned something and had a hell of a good time. From this group, as far as we know, Richard Hill, Sandy Hirsch and Al Jahn (alias JJ) in order of ages, are still living and looking for others that are still on this earth. (George Samuels, Mils Clark, Humberto Canal, Professor Dwyer, etc).

Any person who knows anyone that attended St John's School in Ossining New York please contact us by E Mail.

Diploma Alfredo Jahn - fifth day of June 1946

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Al Jahn in St John's

After 52 years

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